French Country Chateau

We were recently involved in doing a makeover of a powder room in a beautiful home in Rancho Santa Fe. Upon entering the home you see the words “Le Petite Chateau” above the entry gate.

Seeing that the nature of this house was very French, my client and I decided it would be best to continue on with that theme in the powder room. The cabinets to start with were white washed oak and the walls were just white and there was a wooden framed mirror behind the sink. The first task on the agenda was to get rid of the white washed oak. My client chose to go with a distressed cape cod blue finish for over the existing cabinets. For the walls we chose a vintage grey French linen look with large stencils. This was accomplished by using a Venetian plaster and combing thru it to give it a grass cloth texture. Verses were chosen in English such as “Welcome Friends” that had meaning for my client and translated to French “Bienvenue Amis” and then enlarged, traced and painted freehand in various areas on the walls. For the mirror frame we painted it out white to match the trim in the bathroom and then aged it with grey to pull in the wall color.

French Grasscloth

Custom cabinet finish

Custom cabinet finish




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