Antique Tapestry Mural

We were recently asked to do a mural from an old tapestry that our client had of his mother’s that had been around for a long time. It had seen better days with an assortment of coffee stains and misc. damage on it. His girlfriend though it would be nice to reproduce the tapestry on their entry wall.

We were able to take the image and thru the use of Photoshop technology skew the image to fit the space which was elongated compared to the tapestry which was square. We then used a projector to get the basic outline of shapes on the wall and adjusted for the scale. After that the background colors started to go in, and then the detailing and the border. Our client asked us if it was possible to add in a little camel in the background somewhere and so we did. If you look real close, he is by the building on the right. We really enjoyed working on a project that had emotions attached to it seeing that our client was born in Egypt.

Tapestry Mural

Mural Close-up

At the same time we did a finish on all the new built-ins in the library. A deep green and brown finish with antiquing was chosen. We also distressed all the new wood, which when the cabinetmaker saw what we were doing I’m not sure he was that happy seeing that he had spent so long making everything perfect.

Antiqued bookcases

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